Green Computing in Detroit

The term “green computer” sounds like an oxymoron. You have probably heard that computers are bad for the environment because they use up a lot of electricity. They also have materials that are harmful for the environment. Furthermore, the computer packing is bad for the environment.

The good news is that computer manufacturers have made a number of adjustments in the past couple of years in order to make their computers better for the environment. For example, Apple has developed products that are lighter, thinner and smaller. Reducing the size of a computer greatly reduces carbon emissions.

A 15 inch iMac generates 35 percent less carbon emission and uses half the material of a 21 inch iMac. Dell is another company that has been trying to make its computers greener. In 2010, the company designed its laptops and computers to produce 25 percent less energy than the systems in 2008.

Dell has also made its packaging more eco-friendly. In November 2009, the company begin using bamboo in its packaging. More and more companies are beginning to use bamboo packaging. One of the reasons that companies are choosing to use bamboo packaging is because the impact that it has on the environment is relatively small. A bamboo tree can be harvested about five years after it has been planted.

On the contrary, it takes a hardwood tree several years to grow to maturity. The 10 V notebooks and Inspiron Mini 10 were the first products to be packaged with bamboo.