Who is Dan Izydorek and why has PC Miracles been named the #1 Managed Service Provider in Michigan for the past 2 years?

Founded in 1994, PC Miracles has been ranked by Channel Futures for two years running as the #1 managed service provider in Michigan.

PC Miracles has its roots in Founder and President Dan Izydorek’s first business, AdNet which he started when he was 16. He pitched small businesses in downtown Rochester, Michigan on building a company website.

He went from learning code to taking apart the first computer his parents bought him, a Gateway (luckily, the parts were warrantied, and the company replaced any that were broken as Dan tinkered). At the age of 18, Dan started PC Miracles while working part-time and attending college. At the age of 19 left college to attend to his company full-time thanks to referrals to larger accounts, such as Auburn Hills-based Acme Manufacturing, a century-old company that once polished the headlights for Ford’s Model T.

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