PC Miracles referral program


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Become an Ambassador today and help us help you make money! Get started by filling out a short application by using the link below!


Being an Ambassador!

Once an Ambassador you can start referring Qualified businesses (that means 10-350 computers and in the Metro Detroit area).


Rewards for Referring!

After referring a qualified business, you will receive a call from our sales team asking what $25 gift card you would like. If that referral becomes a client of PC Miracles, then you will receive $500.


  • What is a qualified referral?
    • A business located in the Metro Detroit area with 15-300 computers in use.
  • What do you receive for referring a qualified business?
    • A $25 gift card of your choice. Once one of our staff members approves your referral they will call you so you can choose your gift card. If the business you referred becomes a client of ours, we will write you a check for $500 dollars!
  • How many companies can I refer?
    • As many as you can!
  • How do I become an Ambassador?
    • If you’re not an Ambassador already, click on the Start sharing today! button below!
  • How do I submit a referral when I become an Ambassador?
    • When you sign up you will receive an email with all this information. You will also receive your own personal share link that you will want to send to qualified businesses. Once you send them that link they will open it and fill it out!


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