IT Consultant Tip 10 – Review User Accounts

While external threats are a very serious area to focus on when improving and maintaining the security policies of a business, it’s important to realize that there can be just as many threats coming from inside the company as well. The credit card information and data that hackers seek so eagerly can just as easily motivate a previously good-natured employee into selling data or dealing in identity theft.

IT Consultant Tip 9 – Change Passwords

It might seem like a painfully obvious suggestion, but any company that could expect data intrusion attacks should make sure that their passwords are frequently changed. While this is important for employees and third-party vendors, any person with administrative access to the data system has a responsibility to keep their passwords safe and reliable.

IT Consultant Tip 7 – Change Your Password

There are many different ways to ensure a safe and secure network, but one of the most abused ways to gain unauthorized access to one is through the employees’ accounts and personal computers. Passwords are often the sole thing that lies between granted and denied access, and one of the easiest things to exploit if they’re not taken seriously.

IT Consultant Tip 6 – Back Up Data

A Timely Backup Saves the Day

There are many instances where a timely data backup proves immensely beneficial. For instance, if your laptop or smartphone gets stolen, you can easily recover all your precious contacts and other data. Electronic and computer devices are also vulnerable to breakdown and damage.

IT Consultant Tip 5 – Encrypt Devices

Data Encryption Techniques - Encrypt and Secure Your Precious Data

Data encryption techniques are used to protect your precious data. Though the process may appear complicated, it really doesn't require any technical expertise. A number of software programs are also available to help you in data encryption.

IT Consultant Tip 3 – Restrict Remote Access

There are many hackers out there that are constantly looking for a way to make easy money by stealing it from your customers, and the attacks at point of sale terminals have been rising dramatically in the recent past. There have been numerous instances lately where large chain retailers have had their customers’ credit card information stolen directly for their POS terminals, and these large chains often have teams of security professionals working towards preventing just these types of attacks, which means that all types of business, both big and small, are vulnerable to POS terminal breaches.

IT Consultant Tip – Segment Your Network

There are hackers all over the world looking to gain access to your network to infect it with destructive malware or to steal sensitive data from it. The hackers who do this are very crafty individuals, and it can be hard to think of every possible way that access can be gained to your system, which is necessary in order to properly guard from attacks.