Security Intrusions and What Can be Done to Prevent Them

We were looking over some reports on data security breaches over the past decade.  One interesting stat was that 92% of the breaches could have been prevented by applying some basic restrictions to 9 critical areas of computing.

POS Intrustions - This is getting into the Point of Sale System and hacking into the data through the POS.
Web App Attacks - This is going through web applications.

Protecting Your Detroit Company's Data

The Importance of Protecting Data

Protecting data, especially confidential personal information and corporate proprietary information, is a critical component of every computer network. It is essential that IT professionals ensure that their network is secure from unauthorized intrusion so that data cannot be stolen or maliciously altered.

Setting Up a Google Plus Profile

Setting Up a Google Plus Profile
With Google Plus becoming easily integrated with Facebook, Youtube and other sites crucial to both socializing and managing business relationships, it's more urgent than ever that you have a grasp of how to use it to present yourself to the world.

Why a Computer Consultant?

Working With A Computer Consultant
Most businesses are trying to save money however they can. That is why many of them try to handle computer services themselves instead of hiring a computer consultant. However, it is best to hire someone who is knowledgeable and has had a lot of experience in working with computers.

Detroit MI Computer Repairs

Making Your Business Run Smoothly With Detroit Computer Repairs
The ability for your business to continue running without interruptions relies entirely upon how efficient your activities are. While you can control things like marketing, product design and inter-office cooperation, the one thing that you have little control over is when your technology fails.

Should Your Books Be Online?

Should You Have Your Books Online?
Is it a good idea to have your books online? For a variety of reasons, your company should strongly consider having at least one copy for your financial records on a virtual server. Why is this such a good idea?

Your Accountant Can Have Easy Access to Your Records

When tax time rolls around, you can send a digital copy of your financial records to your accountant in seconds.

IT Consulting for Detroit Businesses

The Advantages of IT Consulting for Your Business
Detroit IT consulting can provide your company with tremendous benefits. You can make your internal communication and customer response systems more efficient. You can cut down on the costs of data storage by exploring the possibilities that cloud technology has to offer.

Some IT Tips From Your Detroit IT Consultant!

When you work with your computers over the years, sometimes there can be some basic things that get forgotten about.  We wanted to reach out to our clients and readers to remind them about some important IT protocols.

Password Integrity - There are many breaches in security these days which can get into your bank records or your computers.