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The Quarterly Business Review is part of a Quarterly Management rhythm that cycles through six major steps every three months:

  1. Quarterly reviews, where the senior management team review current state, longer-term goals, and possible goals for their team for the following 3 – 12 months.
  2. Prioritization, where the senior management prioritizes the possible goals for the following quarter.
  3. Planning, where the unit team creates first-cut plans for accomplishing the prioritized goals, determines how many of the prioritized goals can actually be accomplished the following quarter, and determines the relationship between adjusting resources and the number of prioritized goals the unit can accomplish. The VCIO & Service Manager then work with the CEO and CFO to lock in the planned goals and available resources for the quarter.
  4. Execution, where the PC Miracles & Client’s team (and possibly others) executes the plans to realize the quarterly goals.
  5. Check, where the unit team checks progress against the goals.
  6. Retrospectives, where the PC Miracles & Client team and other participants reflect on the goals, initiatives, activities, and results for the prior quarter and create a prioritized list of adjustments that the team proposes to make the following quarter.

When both the PC Miracles & Client Teams follows this and schedules a quarterly meeting every 3 months. It always works out to be a Win-Win.

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We are Committed to your Success. 1 of our CORE Values is Client Success. And I truly believe when our Clients WIN, we WIN also.

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