Cloud Security

Your Data is the Most Important Asset Your Company Has - Protect It!

With Cloud Computing solutions from PC Miracles your computer's data will be safe guarded from unwanted attacks and be kept free from virus and malware protection.

The only real threat to your data with Cloud solutions is the cost of NOT using it.  We work with your business to protect it from intruders while providing great value and uptime for your company.

Miracles Cloud is a fully integrated solution that allows your files, your pictures, your data, documents, music, databases and more. If your laptop or tablet was stolen, would all your data be compromised?

With Cloud Security from PC Miracles You Can:

  • Protect your computer from theft of your data - firewalls can protect your important business info
  • Protect against loss - If your device is lost or stolen, we can wipe it clean for you
  • Manage your backup proactively - Even with a disaster, we can get all your data back and accessible
  • Data Protection from the Cloud - With all your files in the Cloud, even if there was a flood or fire, all your data is still available because it is secure and protected in the Cloud!

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