Private or Public Cloud

PC Miracles has the Private or Public Cloud solutions for your company!

The Miracle Cloud is a scalable cloud-based solution that merges private cloud and public cloud solutions.

Broadly speaking, a public cloud is a service or set of services that are purchased by a business and delivered through the Internet by a third-party provider. These services use storage capacity and computer power not owned by the business itself. Instead, the storage (in the form of servers and datacenters) is either owned either by the primary vendor or by a cloud vendor, like PC Miracles.

The private cloud is an extension of a traditional datacenter. It is optimized to provide storage capacity and processor power that help out in a number of ways. Private refers more to the fact that this type of platform is a non-shared resource than to any security advantage.

Each company has a different budget and different computing needs. PC Miracles focuses on how your business runs to help build the perfect Cloud solution for your company.

Public Cloud Options

Public Cloud services offer the perfect; pay-as-you-use solutions managed by the IT experts at PC Miracles.

Private Cloud Options

Private Cloud services rely on the data from your business applications, but PC Miracles manages the external servers and data to give you compliance, security, and reliability your company needs.

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