COMPLIMENTARY Multi-Point Problem Prevention Network Analysis

Computers running slowly or sometimes not at all? Your FREE Multi-Point Network Audit from PC Miracles can expose weaknesses in your IT infrastructure that may be causing problems.

"I don't need the most advanced technology in the world, I just want a computer that works!" Are thoughts like this plaguing your mind? If you answered yes, we have an affordable solution for your business. As a prospective client of PC Miracles, we'd like to provide you with a FREE Multi-Point Problem Prevention Audit that will allow us to:

  • Stay alert for all malware and various security breaches that could impact your network.
  • Thoroughly explain all questions regarding system changes and all other inquiries
  • Find any issues with your IT programs and fix them promptly
  • Make sure the strength and security of your information backups is in tact (Note: Tape backups fail nearly 80% of the time)
  • Examine all IT avenues to prevent and fix all computing issues
  • Request your FREE Audit!

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