Gardner-White Partners with Pontiac’s PC Miracles for Cybersecurity

Gardner-White has partnered with Pontiac IT solutions provider PC Miracles to improve the security of the furniture company’s online sales.

Over the last year, business has increased at Michigan’s No. 1 furniture and mattress store. During the pandemic, with people sitting on their sofas for days on end and ordering new ones online, there was a need for a stronger technology footprint to help ring up all those new sales, manage inventory, track a growing workforce, and schedule home deliveries.

The company says it needed a technology makeover to keep up with the boom in business. So, in March 2020, it hired PC Miracles to update their technology, offer backup Cloud-based services, provide around-the-clock support, offer cybersecurity solutions, and more. And, with a global surge in cyberattacks throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, this partnership couldn’t have happened at a better time to keep Gardner-White protected.

“Technology is critical,” says Rachel Stewart, president of Gardner-White. “We can’t afford gaps. PC Miracles helped us set up the right solution, so our transactions are safe and our data is secure. That peace of mind is important to the success of our family business. We want to recommend in-stock items and guarantee deliveries with certainty for our customers. Data makes that happen.”


Some of the services PC Miracles delivered to Gardner-White include:

  • Providing onsite and remote technical support to the entire Gardner-White team.
  • Updating their Wi-Fi networks to make them faster and more reliable for employees and guests.
  • Installing multiple layers of security on the company networks and computers.
  • Streamlining the new hire process to make it more efficient.
  • Offering regular cyber security training for employees.
  • Regularly scheduling Strategic Business Reviews to ensure that Gardner-White is on track regarding overall security, stability, and long-term planning.

“Companies need to make sure they’re prepared – not if they have a cybersecurity issue but when,” says Dan Izydorek, CEO of PC Miracles. “We help them set up a disaster recovery plan, and then we manually test their backups and disaster recovery plans every quarter. We also make sure they stay up-to-date with the newest security software to prevent ransomware from getting into their systems in the first place.”

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