IT Services

As a team, we promise to give you an educated, fast, direct answer to each call for service. Our instant call to action ensures your IT problems are fixed immediately.

Too often, companies struggle with finding the right way to secure the technology they depend on to be successful. Here at PC Miracles, we keep prices down as we prevent and repair all your IT needs while building ideas for business continuity.

We have been using PC Miracles since 2001. They are always quick to respond and their remote support is efficient and saves us money. Every aspect of PC Miracles service is focused on customer response and satisfaction. There has never been a problem that we have experienced related to IT that a PC Miracles technician could not fix, promptly. Any problem which involved great attention, was addressed as promised.

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IT Services we offer:

  • Finding and preventing all issues involving your IT needs
  • Installation of all products and follow-up service
  • Security against all IT threats
  • VPN (Virtual Private Networks)
  • Easy access for users
  • Guaranteed spam removal and email protection
  • Connectivity and filtering
  • Available backups for all usage
  • Full-time support for all IT needs

Find fast, affordable and secure ways to protect your Detroit IT ecosystem.

Get rid of all computer issues now!

When you are looking at outsourcing your IT Services in Detroit, what do you look for?

We believe every business has choices.  Yours is no different.  We take great pride in offering IT Services for companies who support the backbone of America.  We know you trust us to keep your systems running and we take our jobs very seriously.

For example, all of our techs can receive bonuses by completing more certifications.  We require ongoing education, and Dan, the owner, is in the front line in getting these valuable skills worked down to all the employees.

We know when you buy IT Services from us, you aren't buying the tools that cost us 10's of thousands of dollars.  You are buying peace of mind and responsiveness.  This is why we work hard to ensure you are trained and understand the systems we sell so that your employees are able to work full speed.

Please call PC Miracles today to learn more about IT Services in Detroit!