Spam Protection

Protection from Spam is the best option to defend your email


Why do we need spam protection? Simple. Email is by far, the most common method of communication among businesses. That also makes it very attractive to spammers looking to make a quick buck. You may wonder who is clicking on these ridiculous emails and clearly dangerous links. According to an Ars Technica study, at least 12% of people have actually tried to buy items from spam!

However, many companies don’t realize how prevalent email threats really are - or that each email record is subject to the same legal requirements that big companies have to comply with.

PC Miracles will help you maintain your spam protection, email security and archiving options that can:

  • Spam Protection – remove unsolicited and unwanted messages from getting to a user’s inbox
  • Protect email – keep all threats out of your system
  • Archive emails with convenience - find what you need, when you need it
  • Improve all system efficiencies – unload huge storage requirements off the server
  • Effective search options – index email and access each file in seconds

Spam Protection

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