Virtualization Makes Your Life Easier

Virtualization changes how IT programs are handled. It makes it simple to move various projects from one workplace to another.
Wikipedia has identified three types:

Full virtualization: almost complete simulation of the actual hardware to allow software, which typically consists of a guest operating system, to run unmodified.
Partial virtualization: some but not all of the target environment attributes are simulated. As a result, some guest programs may need modifications to run in such virtual environments.
Paravirtualization: a hardware environment is not simulated; however, the guest programs are executed in their own isolated domains, as if they are running on a separate system. Guest programs need to be specifically modified to run in this environment.


Improve your business with:

  • Quick provisioning and powerful load balancing for increased productivity
  • Easy-to-use disaster recovery service
  • Combined servers and maximized workloads allow you to run fewer servers
  • Go greener with lower energy demands

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