How We Work

With computer network and IT support services from PC Miracles, you can fully boost your businesses' productivity, profitability and operations in Detroit, Troy, Southfield, Auburn Hills and surrounding areas. . .

"We found PC Miracles when we decided to take additional quotes for a major system upgrade we were going to have done. They came highly recommended. When they provided the quote they were very informative (without talking IT mumbo jumbo), patient with our many questions regarding specific details, and friendly. That was over 2 years ago now and we have not been sorry about our decision. They can handle my demanding nature and understand that I know enough about computers/IT to listen when I explain the problem at hand, what we have tried, and how we need the end result to be. They have helped us through some major system wide upgrades and have made smaller suggestions/recommendations to help us continue to move forward as a stronger and streamlined company."

Katy Staley
MedSource Services Inc.

Technology has two faces: it can bring about more efficiency, success and profitabilty for your company or it can be a nuisance exhausting your resources. Therefore, businesses throughout Detroit, Troy, Southfield, Auburn Hills, Waterford, Clarkston, Pontiac, Madison Heights, Royal Oak and Farmington Hills, depend on our expertise in the installation and computer network technology support that runs their businesses.

PC Miracles will:

  • Consider your business requirements, budget and what you expect, before serving you with IT services that you need and not what we want to sell.
  • Take advance action with computer support to avoid unwanted down time and disastrous data loss from happening instead of reacting to the fire.
  • Ensure each and every suggestion and recommendation we propose by giving you our 100% guarantee.

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