PC MIRACLES – Wealth Management

Delivering managed service is not only about doing things cheaper, but about removing the complexity that comes with managing sophisticated and constantly-evolving infrastructures and making security a non-issue. That’s were PC Miracles can help.

Downtime and outages within market data systems can be costly, and have significant impact on revenues. With built-in layers of instantaneous recovery, PC Miracles can develop offerings to ensure that downtime simply does not happen for the client. Should a problem occur, back-up systems ensure service is continuous.

External threats and attacks are another area of concern for IT managers, with the potential to slow or, even worse, crash systems and lose data. Securing data traffic via a secure security architecture including routers, firewalls and intrusion detection systems, that are monitored daily, ensures such threats are also prevented, and secure the data traffic of any sensitive customer data.

PC Miracles solutions are flexible and valuable. We cater to your need for quantified spend, tight cost management, high compliance and low risk. We deliver great follow up speed and reliable resolutions.

A common misunderstanding is that managed services are “in the cloud” and not secure, and that cost benefits come from sharing of infrastructure and resources. This is not the case. For critical managed services, each customer needs a completely dedicated Space with full separation from other customer spaces, so that no other customer within the data center has any access to another customer’ spaces.

Any advantage that may have once existed for financial institutions building their own proprietary systems is in the past. At PC Miracles we offer the highest quality systems, at a lower total cost of ownership and with the highest levels of security, that fits with the specific market needs we see today. By outsourcing technology innovation to the companies that specialize in it, financial institutions can return to focus on the things they do best and have less down time.