Teams Live event with Registration form

Teams Live Events are a great way to hold public webinars. Like many webinar tools teams
does not provide a native public registration process. With that said we can leverage the
Microsoft Power Platform to create a webinar registration and invitation process.


  1. Commercial: Microsoft 365 E3, Office 365 E3, or higher.

  2. Education:Microsoft 365 A3 for faculty, Office 365 E3 for Faculty, or higher

  3. Non-Profit:Microsoft 365 E3 Non-Profit, Office 365 E3 Non-Profit, or higher

  4. Live events must be enabled in the Teams Admin Center

Tools used

  1. Microsoft Teams

  2. Microsoft SharePoint

  3. Power Automate

  4. Microsoft Group Forms

  5. Outlook Desktop

  6. Microsoft 365 Admin Center

Step 1 | Create your Webinar Team

For your team to manage and track webinar registrations you need to create a Team and
add the appropriate team members from your organization.

This team will store registration data as well as the calendar invite file that Power Automate will send to each person who registers.

  1. Add a channel with the name of your webinar

  2. Add Team members to this team who should have access to manage webinar content

Step 2 | Create your Registration form

  1. On your Webinar Team create a channel with the title of your Webinar

  2. In this channel create a new Form as a tab with the title: “Register for (Name of

  3. Add fields you would like to capture during registration. Mandatory fields:

    • First Name

    • Last Name

    • Email

  4. Change the form settings to allow “anyone” to respond (Public setting)

Step 3 | Schedule your Live Event

  1. On your Teams Calendar create a new Live Event by selecting the carrot next to + New

  2. Title your Live Event (Webinar)

  3. Add required scheduling information (date, time, location)

  4. Invite people who you would like to present and give them the Presenter role

  5. Invite people who you would like to moderate the Q&A and give them the Producer role

  6. Under Live Event Permissions select Public

  7. Select the features you would like enabled for this Live Event

  8. Schedule your event

Step 4 | Create .ICS calendar invite file

During the registration flow Power Automate can send out the event.ics file to each
registered attendee. This allows them to add your webinar to their calendar while respecting
their time zone.

  1. Open your Outlook calendar in Outlook Desktop

  2. Create a new meeting for the date & time matching your Live Event.

  3. In the Body of the meeting add:

    • Webinar Description

    • Attendee Join Link (Can be found by opening the scheduled live event on your Teams

    • Optional: add a helpful link to show attendees how to join LINK

  4. Save the meeting

  5. Save the event as an ICS file in your Webinar Team SharePoint Document Library.

    • Recommend giving your ICS file a clear name so you understand which event it is.

Step 5 | Create your Power Automate workflow

  1. Download the Power Automate Template DOWNLOAD ZIP FILE

  2. Import the flow into your tenant

  3. Edit the flow with your tenant information and messaging.

  4. Save your flow.

Step 6 | Distribute your registration form

  1. Post your registration form on your website, email, and/or other method.