The Tech Multiplier Book

The Tech Multiplier Book

Your only guide to tech for business

Technology has become one of the most important business functions, yet many business owners and managers struggle to get the most out of their technology or make the most of what technology can do for their businesses.

In order to help many struggling business owners, we have found a great book that is quickly becoming the go-to reference for tech in business. The Tech Multiplier book consists of contributions made from over a dozen of respected tech entrepreneurs. Altogether, the book gives service to numerous small scale businesses all throughout North America. These small businesses cover different fields ranging from small start-ups to long serving organizations with thousands of members.

Together with industry colleagues Robin Robins, Jennifer Bleam, Bill Ooms, Jeff Brodie, Chris Wiser, Frank Ballatore, Dan Donathan, John Motazedi, Linda Lynch, MJ Shoer, Diana Spurgus, Fred Reck, Peter Verlezza and Jeanmarie Richardson, we have published The Tech Multiplier working with publisher Celebrity Press of Winter Park, Florida. The book releases on January 24, 2013 on and will be available, initially, in hard cover and shortly thereafter in Kindle format as well. The Tech Multiplier will also be available at Barnes & Noble. At $19.95, it's a bargain! There are literally tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars of experience within the pages of this book.

Take a glimpse at the brief information displayed on the Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Align Your Network With Your Goals
Chapter 2: Are Your IT Needs Being Adequately Served?
Chapter 3: Customer Service Makes All The Difference
Chapter 4: Using Technology to Manufacture Time and Print Money
Chapter 5: Pros and Cons Of Moving To The Cloud
Chapter 6: It's Cloudy Enough Without All The Fog...
Chapter 7: How Good Is Your IT Support?
Chapter 8: Technology & Disaster Recovery Preparedness
Chapter 9: Outsourcing: The Key To Small Business Survival In A Darwinian World
Chapter 10: How To Make Sure Your Computer Consultant Is An Asset To Your Company And Not A Liability!
Chapter 11: The SMB Checklist
Chapter 12: Using Integrated Technology To Enhance Your Business
Chapter 13: Recovery, There's An App For That!
Chapter 14: Cloud Nine: Elevating Your Business To The Cloud Frontier

We are living in a realm where the old saying, “Only change is constant” still applies today. The concept is very much essential in today’s evolving technology.

Add this concept to our dire need to keep our businesses alive at an acceptable productivity level, and you have an essential need for computer professionals - a big demand in today’s competitive businesses. It’s a fact that hiring a less qualified or incapable computer professional can easily bring a business down.

This is why we want to share our knowledge and this book with you. The authors of this book have different fields of expertise and proficiency in analyzing different scenarios and offering suggestions. They have vast experience in assimilating, operating, and conducting structural changes. Throughout the book they talk about how to effectively combine systems, materials, and operators, plus getting a clear idea as to how the system recovery and cloud feature works.

Deciding for a consultant is a decision that is based on that individual or members’ ability to precisely handle system operations or changes in a competent manner. Together with this book we are here to give you guidance. We do the best we can to impart our knowledge to you. That’s one big reason why we exist in the first place.

This award winning book is a great tool that, when combined with our knowledge can really help you leverage your technology in ways you never thought possible.

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